Recommendation systems have been around us for quite some time now. Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, and many others provide some sort of recommendations to their users. This not only helps them show relevant products to users but also allows them to stand out in front of competitors.

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Mixpanel is a great analytics tool. It helps you track all user's activities across the browser and devices. Unlike Universal Google Analytics, where it will count two users if the same user comes from two different browsers or devices, Mixpanel, with its identity management, will count it as one user.

You have a website, similar to, where users can read content and engage. With Google analytics integrated you can easily answer questions such as the average time on page spent by the user? What are the top pages where the user stays the most and so on? …

Almost all retargeting efforts, directly or indirectly, focused on one thing and one thing only, make users convert. Easy right? Not Really.

Bringing users to the platform is one thing and making them convert is another. It takes a village to move users across different steps of the funnel towards…

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You have implemented Mixpanel analytics on your website and you closely monitor users' activities. This lets you understand users' behavior and allows you to improve your product.

Given Mixpanel’s data model you have to send the event to it to see what’s the users are doing. Unlike Google Analytics, which…

To create audiences in firebase based on the frequency of the events use the event count parameter in the audience builder.

See here for details:

Thinkfic is a platform to make it easy to create, market & sell online courses. Everything you need to run your education business under one roof.

However, one thing it lacks is the ability to track the session duration for each student. …

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Capturing data from multiple sources is the key to creating a rich data warehouse. And it becomes even more crucial when it comes to online businesses as the data is scattered across a plethora of platforms used to run the business.

SendGrid is one such marketing platform that delivers transactional…

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Cloud SQL is a database service from Google Cloud Platform that makes it easy to set up, maintain, and manage relational databases.

However, It isn’t built for heavy analytics operations. You need a warehouse service such as BigQuery to do advanced analytics and machine learning tasks such as performing RFM…

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An e-commerce company reached out to you to build a recommender system to suggest three items on their product detail page. Their analytics systems have around 30% of the user’s purchase history and only 20% of the products have users rating history. What method will you use for this type…

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