A detailed guide on how item-based recommender systems work and how to implement it in a real work environment.

A detailed guide on how to measure average time on page in Mixpanel Analytics

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Effective Retargeting Campaigns Using The GRID method

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Track every page in Mixpanel

Monitor how long students spend time on Thinkfic lessons in Mixpanel.

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How to Send SendGrid's email engagement data to Google BigQuery

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SendGrid Webhooks

Automated data pipeline to move Cloud SQL data to BigQuery

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Data Pipeline

Recommender System to suggest similar items to users on product detail pages

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Get similar products to recommend using recommenderlab in R

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Muffaddal has 3.5+ years of experience working with web analytics and user behavior data. ❄ https://www.linkedin.com/in/muffaddal-qutbuddin/❄

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